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Haha, I just realised that, out of all the people in the world… I’m perhaps one of the least vintage-y πŸ˜€

All of the reasons for which I shall state below;

1. I am immensely lazy. Looking good takes work… which I am bad at… Plus I don’t blog anywhere near as often as I should.

2. I swear far more than I should, which a lady shouldn’t do. Which nobody should do xD

3. I have a bit of a tendency to rub people up the wrong way. Honestly, if I irritate anyone who happens to be passing by, comment on it and I will change! I’m thick-skinned, really.

4. I can be a bit of a bitch. This perhaps isn’t one of my nicest personality traits…

5. I wear glasses. That’s fine in itself; however, I cannot read signs across the street without either glasses or contacts. My poor eyesight is the bane of my life 😦

6. I have an unhealthy obsession with serial killers. Or any kind of killers, really.

Right, enough negativity; let’s think of some good things!

1. I do actually look quite nice if I blow dry my hair and put in some contacts.

2. I am gradually becoming more adept at victory rolls and pincurls; haven’t tried much other styles though.

3. Rather hourglass, if a little top heavy. Not by much though πŸ™‚

4. I did well in my maths exam today!!!! Not vintage I know, but I feel proud of myself πŸ˜€

Happy now πŸ™‚

UsuallyComatose xx


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I’ve had these photos on my phone for ages now but I haven’t really gotten around to putting them up yet. I’m afraid this isn’t going to be much of a post, more of a filler, sorry 😦

All in all, I thought it looked pretty good.

I was really just sitting at my dresser twisting my hair around to see if there were any new ways I could pin it up, and then sort of stumbled across this half pompadour type thing. Actually I’ll put it into an equation for you, simply because I feel like it.


Because it does kind of look a bit victory-roll-ish as well. I think it looks best with my hair tied back, as in the last photo, don’t you?

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx

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This WILL include the red belt.

And here are the potential hairstyles…

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx

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After shamelessly neglecting the blog for a good two months, I honestly will start posting often again. Maybe not every day, but at least a couple of times a week or something.

And so we move Β onto proper vintage hairstyles, beginning with:

Victory Rolls

A bit of background:

Victory rolls are basically just rolls of hair pinned to the top or sides of the head. It’s a bit easier to do than most of the other vintage styles I’ve seen, but it will take a little bit of practice. They’re named for the V-shape that the hair creates when it’s all done properly. To do it, you’ll need a comb with a rattail, hairpins, hairspray, and possibly some curling tongs to start the curl and make it easier. I found the following video really helpful in explaining what to do…


Unfortunately, my victory rolls just don’t look as nice as hers 😦 I think I need a little more practice. And longer hair.

Classic case of nice hair, shame-about-the-face I'm afraid πŸ™‚

So that’s all for now, kids! I know how awfully lazy I am, but I hope to be updating more often. I have a Bettie Bangs style ready to post πŸ™‚

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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