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I have reached the day when I have too much crap to fit in both the drawer of my dressing table AND in my Marilyn Monroe vanity case. The above is just a selection of all the hair and beauty related wonders that I own.

So when I was shopping in Blackpool with C, I saw these three lovely boxes on sale at WHSmith… and them being pretty AND discounted, AND me being in dire need of storage, I had to get them 🙂

As I’m sure you can imagine, maneuvering The Boxes through the town centre, onto the bus, along the bus and off the bus was quite a sight to behold 🙂

So now I use the largest box for skincare, the medium sized box for hair products and the smallest box for rollers. I’m pretty certain that hairbrushes and the like will still be able to fit in the dresser drawer…


Hair Products


I also came up with an ingenious little solution for bobby pins and loose hot roller pins… you know how they always get lost or just hide somewhere? Well no more, I say!!

Sure, they’re in a maxipad tin and a tampon tin, but who really cares? 🙂

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx


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… my first ever video! I decided to make it about skincare (that’s the only beauty regime in my life that I completely live by :P) and I’m actually a bit worried. My voice sounds horrible on it, and I say “yeah” too much. But never mind, here we go.


Product info;

Cleansing wipes – two for 97p (hah, I’m so cheap :P)

Garnier Soft Essentials cleansing milk (I got the rose-scented one though)

Sephora toner… well I could have sworn that it said Sephora, but it doesn’t appear to be on the site. Yay counterfeit goods! 😛

Bio Oil (Brace yourself, this one’s expensive)

Garnier Pure face scrub (The PURE one, but for some reason Boots only lists Pure Active)

M&S Buttermilk hand cream and Body Shop white cotton gloves

Chapstick (If you’re only gonna be sticking your eyebrows down with it anyway, the flavour won’t matter :P)

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel spot wand (Don’t bother, it’s shit)

Aqueous cream

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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