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This WILL include the red belt.

And here are the potential hairstyles…

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The results aren’t actually too bad, but again, I would say that a decent set of nail polishes is absolutely necessary for this. The white undercoat on mine has started to go grey and patchy already, and paining over it just doesn’t look good at all. This just smudges really easily and that ruins the entire look of the nail. I used my new deep red colour to do the main part of the nail, and here’s a reminder of the instructions I used;


I found it a bit easier to cut the punch protectors into halves before sticking them onto my nails, as it sticks to the surface a bit better so you don’t get so much dark polish on the half-moon. As soon as you’ve painted the red onto the nail, remove the punch protector straight away. If you leave it for too long then when you come to peel it off, some of the nail polish comes with it.



The index finger of my left hand is one of the ones where the undercoat went patchy, so I painted over the half-moon but managed to smudge it in the process. You might be able to see that a bit better if you click on the image to open it up into a bigger picture.

And I think that these shoes may well be the most amazing thing EVER.

Paper concept shoes by NDEUR. Quite frankly, if I could marry an inanimate object, it would be these.

I don’t think they would support the feet very well, or indeed stay in shape in the rain, but I don’t give a damn because they are fucking AWESOME. This is the blog of the creators, NDEUR: http://ndeur.wordpress.com/

Have a nice Christmas everyone, or I hope you had a nice Hanukkah if you’re Jewish, or if you don’t celebrate any religious festival then just have a nice day 🙂

UsuallyComatose xx

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