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If anybody actually reads this thing regularly then they may have noticed my recent long absence. The reason for this is my long-anticipated, exercise-saturated holiday to Austria!!

Have no fear, I didn’t forget the blog while I was away. I carried on doing my hair as usual and have amassed a huge collection of hair photographs to post here 🙂

Braided Updo

Side Faux Bang

Kiss Curl


Victory Rolls with ponytail

So you see, I didn’t forget to keep you guysers updated!!

I’m sorry about the lack of outfit photographs in this post, but all of the outfit photos are on the camera whereas I took the hair photographs on my phone… and I’m too lazy to go and get the camera at the moment 😛 I promise there’ll be outfits on the blog before the week is out.

Just a quick mention of Lisa Freemont Street… her video for holiday packing was so useful. Sadly I don’t have any Hot Sticks, but I made do with the pincurl clips and my hair flowers didn’t get crushed 🙂 GOOD TIMES!!

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx


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So last night was the last time I may see quite a lot of the people I’ve spent five years with. It was a good night 🙂

After much deliberation, I went for all-round 1950s.

You see my wonderful new Photoshop skills? 😛

And here’s just a few photos of my friends, because I must say they all looked very splendid.

L-R: S, B, and me

L-R: M and me

L-R: Me and C

L-R: S, C and M

L-R: C and R

L-R: Me, C, B and N

I think you’ll agree that everybody looked splendid… and I shall just give a mention to S and his emergency suit! The suit that was only a very tiny bit shiny!

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx

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After an almost fortnight-long absence, I’m back with a lot of lovely pictures for you all 🙂

Last weekend I had a birthday tea party with most of my family… and a surprise birthday cake.

It looks just like me.

I also have some new presents from various people;

Flower hairbands and a pink bag from Uncle A, L, D, T, J, and another D;

I like the bag because all of my crap fits in it. With room to spare!!

I also received a necklace from J;

PLUS a half day modeling photoshoot, also from J! How exciting 🙂

With my birthday money I decided to treat myself to something I’ve had my eye on for a long time… a set of hot rollers. I wasn’t quite sure which the best set was, so I went for the fairly safe option of Babyliss.

There are twenty rollers in the pack; eight large, six medium and six small. There are also twenty metal pins in corresponding sizes and ten plastic clips.

My first set is as follows. Don’t I look attractive? 😉

I’m not such an expert at setting them yet, but the curls seem to be turning out just fine in the end.

It's actually really difficult to take photographs of the back of your own head.

I then realised that actually, I may well have been trying to wrap too much hair around each roller. So I tried more rollers and less hair in each segment…

You see? I’m gradually improving.

The above photos feature some of my new makeup.

Revlon ColourBurst lipstick in Crimson;

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Ivory (this colour goes so perfectly with my skin tone, it honestly does. You can’t even tell it’s there. I love it.)

And L’Oreal Paris Studio Secrets Anti-Shine Mattifying Primer.

Now I’m afraid I might not have time to post again for a while. My last exam is tomorrow, but my prom is on Friday and I still have things to sort out for that. Plus a much-loved member of staff at my school passed away very suddenly last week, which was a big shock to everybody… In short, I’m really busy at the moment.

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx

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After a fair while not posting (real life caught up with me), I think I shall write a massive post to make up for my neglect. I have nice new things to write about, too, so hopefully this will be interesting. Or at least, not entirely dull 🙂

Onto the Etsy purchases first. I think I mentioned in the last post that I’d made a few orders, but due to the volcano which is causing so much havoc in Europe’s aerospace, some of it hasn’t arrived yet. However, I have receieved a hair flower that my mother ordered for me from Sophine Giam (all the way from Singapore, but it still arrived before any of my other orders :P) and a rosie necktie/ headscarf from Shoot ‘Em Up.

Isn’t it pretty? It’s not such a big flower that it dwarfs my head, though, which is good. I haven’t actually got a picture of myself wearing it close up, but it looks really nice on 🙂 Also when it arrived it was all wrapped up really nicely and had a little piece of paper about Pay It Forward included. Pay It Forward is when you agree to do good things for other people (which is why the PIF purchases are less expensive). So I’m trying to do random acts of kindness every day 🙂

This is my new spotty rosie headscarf, and I LOVE IT LOTS!! However, the Etsy seller was away for a while so I didn’t receive my order for about two weeks… but as a thank you for waiting she included a couple of extra hairpins 🙂 They are very, very awesome. I don’t actually know whether I want to wear the rosie or the hairpins for school tomorrow…

Bad camera phone quality I'm afraid.

So all in all, I’m very pleased with everything I’ve bought off Etsy so far… just waiting for airmail to resume normal service now.

I also have two brand new dresses, and I’ve conquered my fear of tights! About bloody time…

This blue flowery-type dress is from Tesco… but it’s a bit on the short side. The very short side. Whenever I wear it I end up having to pull it down 🙂

And there’s this floral one from Dorothy Perkins which you can’t see so well because of my cardigan, I’m sorry. I’ll try and find a better picture.

I prefer that one to the blue dress 🙂

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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