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I recently spent a long weekend in London with my parents, sort of as a late birthday present!! We stayed in the K+K Hotel George:

… and on our first night in London we went to the Ivy 🙂

…and then went down by the Thames, where we met these odd individuals.

If anybody’s wondering, yes that is my prom dress and shoes. However I didn’t use the underskirt and I put the little white cardigan over the top in case I got cold. Alas, I left the cardigan somewhere on the Friday and it’s surely gone forever now 😦

Also on the Friday, I went to the Benefit Boutique in Covent Garden!! All the ladies there were lovely… good times 🙂

I had my eyebrows waxed, plucked and generally beaten into shape, and a makeover.


I ended up buying all of these products:

Big Beautiful Eyes Palette

BADgal plum mascara

High Beam

And now I know how exactly to use all of these things… which is, you know, a good thing. If it was left up to me I’m sure I’d be terrible at it, hahah 😛

I received a little gift bag too, which included these goodies:

Creaseless Cream Shadow/ Liner in Flying Down To

That Gal primer - I got a little tester size of this 🙂


Of course, I had to partake in some vintage shopping 😉 I went to Rokit in Covent Garden and picked up a silk scarf and a cute keyring/ measuring tape.

And to round it all off, I have some pictures of a faux bang style with pigtails for you all 🙂

The pomade I use is Black and White Genuine Pluko.

Bye bye,

Usually ,Comatose xx


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So yesterday, Good Friday, I went off into Blackpool with the mother and actually bought clothes! This is a rare occurrence, believe me. And I actually got some pretty good stuff. None of it’s vintage, mainly due to the fact that it’s Blackpool and we have no vintage stores whatsoever, but it’s all vintage inspired. Plus, when I go to London in July I plan to buy lots and lots of genuine vintage. Haul is as follows;

– Stripy bow-necked top with bow on the collar and navy cropped cardigan from New Look…

(I struggled to take photos of these while I was wearing them, so here are the images off the New Look website.)

– A gorgeous pair of shoes from Peacocks that I’ve had my eye on for a while…

– Sleek liquid eyeliner in a pretty container from Superdrug…

– A trio of toffee-coloured eyeshadows from Boots…

– And a bright red lipstick from Boots Collection 2000.

I tried out the eyeliner and lipstick when I got home; this is what they look like.


So that’s all for today. I made a fairly big Etsy order a few days ago, so when it arrives I’ll be posting images and whatnot about that.

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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