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… my first ever video! I decided to make it about skincare (that’s the only beauty regime in my life that I completely live by :P) and I’m actually a bit worried. My voice sounds horrible on it, and I say “yeah” too much. But never mind, here we go.


Product info;

Cleansing wipes – two for 97p (hah, I’m so cheap :P)

Garnier Soft Essentials cleansing milk (I got the rose-scented one though)

Sephora toner… well I could have sworn that it said Sephora, but it doesn’t appear to be on the site. Yay counterfeit goods! 😛

Bio Oil (Brace yourself, this one’s expensive)

Garnier Pure face scrub (The PURE one, but for some reason Boots only lists Pure Active)

M&S Buttermilk hand cream and Body Shop white cotton gloves

Chapstick (If you’re only gonna be sticking your eyebrows down with it anyway, the flavour won’t matter :P)

Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel spot wand (Don’t bother, it’s shit)

Aqueous cream

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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