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I’m going to lose weight. I’ not a major fatarse or anything like that, but everybody wants to be a bit thinner, don’t they? A the moment I’m eleven stone something (I can’t remember exactly and I can’t be arsed weighing myself) and am in the “at risk of overweight” bracket. So I’m not massive, but not entirely healthy either.

This bad boy is helping me.

I’m trying to do about an hour on the wii every day, made up of 30 minutes step, 10 minutes jog, 10 minutes boxing and then whatever I feel like for another 10 minutes. I would put a photo of me doing some exercise on here, but it might scare you all 🙂

The best thing about it is that I CAN WATCH DVDS WHILST I DO THE STEP AND JOGGING!! Haha, so far I’ve watched all three series of the League of Gentlemen, their Apocalypse film, Requiem for a Dream, Monster, Goodbye Lenin, Sia’s TV is my Parent… IT’S SO AWESOME!! Only problem is that if I watch a music DVD, then I end up stepping out of time. But never mind.

I won’t be blogging again for a while because I’m going to Stratford for four days and then I have eleven GCSE exams to take :/

Ta ta,

UsuallyComatose xx


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Just a warning – real life has been getting in the way recently. I’ve got a lot of exams to do so I’m not posting as often as I should. Plus my sister has fucked up the computer with some sort of virus. So be warned – I’m not happy :@

Etsy purchases #3 and #4 🙂

Creepy Crawl hair clips by Cute and Creepy Inc on Etsy – $4.00

Eye See You ring by Cute and Creepy Inc on Etsy – $2.50

A new frock:

And the Holy Grail: successful pincurls. Perhaps not perfect, but good enough for me. I’ll show some pictures of the set first (as you can see, it’s waaaaay tidier than the other one).

The next photos were taken after an entire day at school…

Also two new make up brushes:

Ms Makeup Work the Angles Angled Eyeliner Brush – £5.49

Ms Makeup Made in the Shade Eye Shading Brush – £4.49

Also there was a free gift offer in Boots when if you spent £6 on 17 cosmetics, you got a free set with a nail polish, eyeshadow and eyeliner in it. So of course, I spent £6.

You get the Fast Finish nail polish in Knockout Red…

… the Solo eyeshadow in Viva Diva…

… and the Perfect Definition eyeliner in Azure.

And it all comes in a cute little stripy tin 😉

Au revoir, mes amours!

Usually Comatose xx

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I love her hair colour!!

Usually Comatose xx

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It’s my birthday coming up next month, and I have decided that I really, really want a Dolly Bag. Problem is, I can’t decide which one. Or indeed if I actually want a handbag, or a makeup bag or something… I am kind of inclined towards a coin purse or other accessory though, because they’re pretty expensive. I’ll just have to save my pennies for an actual bag 😉 it’ll be worth it.

Anyway, I have narrowed it down. A bit. It’s a choice between these ones…

Bowling Bag - $85.00

Charlotte Bag -$85.00

Perfect Purse - $50.00

Carry All - $75.00

Cosmetic Bag - $18.00

And the fabrics I like? (You can choose any style of bag and any fabric, and then Dungaree Dolly herself sews it together from scratch and mails it to you :))

Elvis Fan Club

Tweet Tweet

Pink Sailor's Dream Tattoo

Los Novios

Actually I haven’t narrowed it down that much have I? I want them all… but I can only have one 😦

Tell me what you think it the comments?

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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Usually Comatose xx

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Ta ta!


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Last night I tried authentic pincurling techniques for the first time with the guidance of this video (thanks to MistiqueMakeup):

I’d say it was about seventy per cent successful. True, I didn’t get the exact style, which looks like this…

…but I managed to save it in the end with a strategically-placed headscarf 🙂

I’ll show you photographs of all the steps, but be sure to watch the video. She explains it much better than I do.

First you’ve got to divide your hair into little sections, wind the sections up onto themselves, lie them flat and pin them (preferably with specialist pincurl clips rather than bobby pins. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve only got bobby pins, I just personally prefer the clips.).

Apologies for the nasty-looking face, I was tired and it was bedtime.

As you can see, I missed a bit. Pincurling the back of your head is difficult, k?

Spritz it all over with a bit of hairspray and secure a scarf over all the pincurls. This stops your hair getting all mussed up in the night and keeps the pincurls in shape. I don’t actually have a proper square headscarf so I used a long thick neckscarf and looked very silly indeed.

Then all you have to do is go to bed and the theory is that when you wake up, you’ll have lovely curly hair. Mine looked like this.

Oh dear.

So… spotty rosie scarf at the ready, I pinned back a bit of the hair and then tied the headscarf on it.So I suppose it’s not absolutely fantastic, but at least it didn’t turn out to be a complete disaster either. I think more practice is necessary.

Off to wax my legs,

Bye bye,

Usually Comatose xx

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