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Experimented with curling my hair today. With a pair of hair straighteners. Twisted logic, I know. What resulted was this.

Hmm. Methinks that my hair is still far too short for this. I’m not patient, that’s my problem. And it didn’t help that my hair got all dried out from the straightening irons, either. Would probably be a good idea to get heat protection shampoo. At least it actually stayed in my hair though, unlike a lot of times when I’ve styled my hair and thought it would magically stick all by itself. I used GHD straightners and Pantene Ice Shine hairspray to do this particular hairstyle, if you really want to repeat it. I would advise not to unless you have hair that reaches at least your shoulders.

On the bright side, I got some new nail polish. It’s 17 Lasting Fix in Chateau, which is a sort of deep metallic red. My nails are still growing, but it looks pretty on short nails too. I’m still waiting to get some false nails, but after Christmas they’ll probably be discounted anyway (oooh I loves me a bargain :)).

Had the contact lens check today, went fine.

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx


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Outfit #1

Outfit #1 is finally here! With pictures. I actually bothered to take photos! I’m so proud!

Apologies in advance for the poseur-ish ‘camera-in-mirror’ thing, but I can’t get hold of a proper camera with a self timer, so my phone will have to do, and the only way to take a full body photo with that is in the fucking awful camera-in-mirror shot. So sorry about that. When I get a camera with a timer, I’ll use that instead.

Item List

– Black beanie hat

– White blazer

– Grey vest

– Black and white scarf

– Navy/black net skirt

– Black tights

– Black satin heels (you can’t see them here, but I’ll post a picture in a minute.)

The black hat is one of the items of clothing that I found hidden the other day, I think it’s from Dorothy Perkins originally.

I bought the white blazer from an outlet shopping centre ages ago, years and years ago. It’s a bit on the small side now, but it’s still ok.

The grey vest is actually what I use as a pyjama top, and it’s from Primark. You can’t really see it on this photo, but it is really comfy, which is good.

My black and white silk scarf was a christmas present from my mum about two years ago, and I’ve never really worn it that much, but it’s pretty nice. It’s from River Island.

The navy and black net skirt is what my friend L. coerced me into buying from Primark when we went shopping once… and I have not worn it at all. I do like it, but I’m not really a skirt person. That’s probably going to change while to do this blog…

Black tights: probably from M&S. I HATE wearing tights, they’re all itchy and shit.

There’s the picture of the black satin heels. They are extremely difficult to walk in. But I’m practicing for this blog, because I’m such a nice person 🙂 I bought them a little while ago from New Look.

No contacts check today because the heavy snowfall put paid to the appointment, so I didn’t get a chance to get any new products, sorry.

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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So last night I tried to paint my nails to some degree of niceness, following these instructions:


Trust me, it does NOT work. But then again, that could well be because I used two old nail polishes that I found down the back of my dressing table… God only knows how long they’d been there. I think I’ll have to try it with longer/false nails as well, because mine still aren’t past my fingertips, plus better nail polish. The ones I used are, quite frankly, complete shite. I quite like Barry M Nail paint in Red Wine, and it can’t be that difficult to get hold of some white basecoat now can it?

On the plus side, I found my hair straighteners again 🙂 However, I have quite short hair, so it’s going to take a while to grow… damnit why is this so difficult?

Also on the plus side, I found some nice clothing which I already own!! It was all hanging around in the bottom of my wardrobe. So now I have:

– 2 scarves (1 black and silver, one red striped)

– A black beanie hat and a multicoloured Rasta hat (somehow I don’t think I’ll be wearing that one a lot.)

– 2 belts, one black and elasticated, one leather with flowers on

– Silver satin heels with black lace trim and plain black suede heels

– White blazer (Tokyo something, I can’t remember the brand name but it does have a logo on)

– Black and white satin button shirt

– Black and white checked dress

– Multiple pairs of black tights

So that’s good then. I have been wearing the black hat and scarf today, with black skinny jeans, a black vest, grey Topshop cardigan and navy blue Converse. I’ve decided that hats are really awesome if your hair is messy (ie how mine is all the time).

Contacts check tomorrow… I haven’t been wearing them as often as I’d like to, probably because I’m too lazy. It’s much more convenient to put the glasses on and go, but maybe now I shall think twice! Maybe. I think thats the next step, to wear contact lenses more often. Oh and while I’m in town for the optician’s tomorrow, I might pick up some false nails to try the manicure again… or maybe not, seeing as how I’m a bit skint. Ok, trust me, tomorrow I WILL buy some new beauty product to try, and I will post pictures of the end result, however good or bad it may be.

Another thing tomorrow, hairdresser’s appointment. I swear to God, if she cuts a crapload off it when I explicitly state that I only want a trim, I will stab her with the clippers.

Will post photos next time (probably),

UsuallyComatose xx

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Post #1

Seeing as how this is my first post, I thought I’d better explain a bit about all this crap. I am a girl (I hope it’s obvious), and I haven’t ever really cared much about how I look… but that is about to change! I’m well aware that this is going to mean a lot of hard work (ie actually bothering to wake up in order to style hair/ apply make-up etc) but I think, I hope, that I can do it. These two images in particular look nice:

Dita Von Teese: I LOVE her shoes in this. LOVE THEM HARD. And her hair's usually quite nice as well.

Paloma Faith: I want her hair, all wavy and pretty and suchlike, and I love her lace gloves.

So, step 1 is stopping biting my nails, which is actually more difficult than you would think. For the past couple of days, I’ve used Stop ‘n Grow nail lacquer, which is this clear nail polish that tastes so revolting you wouldn’t even believe.

Pros: My nails have gotten longer since I started using this, and that’s only after a couple of days. Because it’s clear, you can use it as a topcoat over normal nail polish. It’s quite easy to use.

Cons: Sometimes when you eat you accidentally taste some of the nail polish. Also, it smells nasty.

I think that I’ll try Dita Von Teese’s half-moon manicure soon. My nails aren’t really long enough yet, but never mind. I can always get some false ones.

Bye bye,

UsuallyComatose xx

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